Recipes for Community is a project sown from a simple concept: sharing recipes to bridge distance.
The book documents an email chain I started in March 2021, connecting 6 people of Asian diaspora living in America, some of whom had met individually but have never come together as a whole. Through the cultural medium of cooking, Recipes for Community seeks to apply the essence of "cooking for one another" as a concept beyond cooking, one that can be applied to any form of connectivity and community. By having the participants share recipes, stories, pictures from their childhoods, and more, Recipes for Community unfolds beyond a "cookbook," transforming into an exploration of space, memory, community, and family, while building exactly that — a family.

Ostensibly, this book documents a community started as a space to provide healing for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders during a year when the veil of model minority was pulled back to reveal how truly vulnerable we are and have always been to the violence of a perpetually foreign existence. However, I want this project to be a seed to grow more intimate, healing communities across digital and physical boundaries, not only for AAPI, but other marginalized communities as well.

Recipes for Community is both an object and an invitation — a way of reminding others the solidity of the communities we create, and an open invitation to join our table.
🧧Queer Asian Euphoria, July 2021
Editorial Design
Queer Asian Euphoria is a zine created to document and celebrate the Asian diasporic community both online and in NYC.
This zine is a further exploration of community building, and how design can serve to connect people. This project pulls from instagram polls, emails, and text messages, asking the question, "What does Queer Asian Euphoria mean to you?" Printed and exhibited at Emergence Zine Fair with Hyperlink Press.
Long Distance Relationship is a coding and design experiment done in Caspar Lam's Core Interaction class.
This website acts as a poetic archive, documenting and comparing light from the West and East coasts. Link to website here.
AN INTERVENTION WITH THE JOHNSON MUSEUM is a site-specific installation projected onto the side of the Johnson Museum of Art in Ithaca, NY.
The project began as an assignment for Lynn Kiang's Experience in Space class. The prompt was to research and design a temporary installation that would interact with a chosen public building. I wanted to create an installation that intervened with museums as an institution, calling for provenence and ultimately, repatriation of stolen art. The Johnson Museum of Art in particular is known for having one of the largest Asian Art collections in all of the United States. Video of on-site installation here.
Aug 2019 -
Jun 2021
Synoptic Office, Research Assistant
Interviewed visiting designers for Parsons Lecture Series on the intersection of culture and design. Created assets for exhibitions, including the 2021 Venice Biennielle and the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Motion design and graphics. Research for web projects including the Chinese Type Archive.
May 2020 -
Oct 2020
The Brooklyn Rail, Production and Social Media Assistant
Worked with entire editorial team to produce assets for social media, including captions and graphic content, like GIFS and event posters. Edited video content for artist studio visits and lectures both for Instagram and Youtube, creating captioning and concise videos. Helped organize initiatives and programs such as The New Social Environment.
Jan 2019 -
Jul 2019
Lipman Studio, Art Direction Intern
Design research, creating pitch decks and development presentations. Retouching, layout, and graphic design for print and web, animating gifs and web banners. Video editing using Premiere and After Effects.
2017 - 2021
Parsons School of Design, BFA in Communication Design
Eugene Lang School of Liberal Arts, BA in Literary Studies, Writing
School for Poetic Computation, Digital Love Languages with Melanie Hoff
Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, and Adobe After Effects.
Confidence in both print and digital creation practices.
Experience in Exhibition Design, with a strong eye for interactive design in 3D spaces.
Extensive knowledge of Typography, Graphic imagery, and Illustration, always looking to learn more.
UX Design: HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as well as Figma and Github.
Writing, Creative and Analytical, detail-oriented copywriter.